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Marten, a strong base for you to build on

Marten has been operating on the Czech market since 1993. The company’s main sphere of business is the provision of comprehensive language, graphics and printing services.

The continual development of the company as a whole is characterised by our focus on high-quality services, modern technology and effective project management. This allows us to attract and retain an ever-increasing base of satisfied customers, thus enhancing our already strong position on the Czech translation and printing market.

We specialise primarily in projects of a technical nature. We translate all documents, design the graphics for guides, brochures and catalogues, and print, bind, store and deliver the finished materials to you or to your customers. Thanks to our extensive experience and hard work, coupled with our ability to build and maintain our customers’ trust in us, we still work with many of our original clients. The majority of them are prestigious car manufacturers.

We are a guarantee of quality

It is obvious that it is only by offering the highest-quality and most exclusive services that we can meet the needs of the top companies. With our experience and know-how, we are aware that our services need to stand out from the competition and continue to guarantee high standards and quality.

As the company has expanded, in summer 2012 we relocated so as to become more accessible and to enable us to offer our clients impressive, modern and well-equipped premises. We are now based at ul. Českobrodská 48 in Hloubětín, Prague.


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